Bin Zayed Group


About Us

Bin Zayed Group is one of the major institutions in Egypt specialized in general contracting, construction and decoration, which is working with the latest scientific methods that rely on specialization in all the necessary modern architecture and construction.


Our Goals

To contribute to the provision of job opportunities for artisans, workers and engineers.

Engage specialists, fresh graduates and train them on the labor market.

Provide opportunities and new ideas for young people of both sexes.

To contribute to the establishment of real estate and decoration on a well-founded scientific and aesthetic basis.


Our Vision

To be one of the largest economic cadres in the country and to contribute to the development of architectural aesthetic touch in Egypt.

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Eng. Hesham Abd El Rasoul Zayed

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bin Zayed Group of Companies

Holds a Bachelor of Architecture and an MBA from Boston University The group started with High Point Décor Company, which was the first born investment joining the group, followed by Jenan a Real Estate Investment and project management Company and Tejan Trading and Supply Company. The latest investment joining the group was Glaxsan pharma which was opened in January 2017.

He aims to have a strong economic entity based on consistent rules of success:
1.Start with the possible to reach the hardest of things.
2.See the usefulness in the harmful situation and vice versa.
3.Change the place of work if conditions worsen.
4.Transform enemies into friends, and keep those you have.
5.Turn negative attitudes to positive and effective ones.
6.The use of logic, persuasion and the power of peace is better than imposition, threat and violence.
7.Free and renewed thinking that is not confined to either ways, but it starts searching for a third one.
8.Transfer of work and efforts to best suited field and choose the attack time and methods.
9.Gradual change in persuasion and clarification, and being away from Mutation and episodic changes.
10.Seeking realism and mediating controversial issues, and away from extremism and intolerance of opinion.